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Awakening the Divine God/Goddess Within, A Journey from Shadow to Light

Discover how your shadows rule your life

Learn tools to transform the unknown into the light

Embody the god/goddess within

Claim your divine right

Know thyself! – understand what trauma, triggers, emotions and feelings are and how they relate to reoccurring relationship patterns in your life. 

Learn how to start healing them, using the Completion Process from Teal Swan which will be explained as an effective trauma recovery tool.

Sacred Touch Activation – Activate your Super Sensual Touch!

This is a consensual contact (touch) workshop for groups of two or more in even numbers, great for couples who want to dive deep.

Learn about yourself, and being in conscious contact with others. Learn how to feel your energies, and practice communicating consent (be enriched by its sexiness). Practice and experience Self-love. Find out about your very unique ‘super sensual touch’. The workshop includes receiving and giving touch and massage on hands and forearms – with consent.

Wheel of Consent, direct route of pleasure, grounding the nervous system 

Body awareness, playfulness

2-3 h, deep learning level, trauma informed

Activation & Healing of the sexual body

This is a workshop for men and women that are interested in healing their sexuality and body from previous negative impacts/traumas.

Activate and heal the sexual body from accumulated trauma in the womb and body through a de-armoring/mapping process illustrated using the female anatomy. This workshop will give you the understanding and tools/techniques to commence on your healing journey. 

Direct life-force energy back to the vulva/penis allowing healing to take place in order to have more sensual experiences, pleasure and long-lasting orgasmic states. In this workshop we will practice the techniques by touching hands, arm and face only.

You will learn a new language of communication with a/your partner about your sensations and feelings as much as a blueprint of how to apply it on a regular basis beyond the actual de-armoring & mapping process.

Healing relationship patterns through conciousness

CHOOSE to thrive, not just survive. 

Learn about your subconscious defense mechanisms that are the ones sabotaging your present relationships. 

Heal the old patterns that keep you from experiencing true intimacy

Identify your attachment strategy and learn about secure attachment and bonding

I’ll convey a framework on how to create conscious & truly loving relationships. 

Heart communication and word magick

Conscious communication techniques, become aware of your communication patterns and how to uplift your communication frequencies, 

Learn about the hidden power of psycho magick word frequencies

Practice reprogramming of blocking communication patterns

Learn how to defuse and manage an emotional conflict situations by understanding the power of validation and the addressment of needs and feelings (M. Rosenberg)

How to apply more healthy thought patterns for your mind  (self inquiry) and how to identify and deal with traumatic trigger patterns within your own mental health dynamics

Recovering from codependent and narcissistic relationships

Learn about narcissistic relationship patterns, understand codependency – narcissistic relationship dynamics better. 

I can explain how the narcissist can find and attach to you.  I offer strategies for recovery from narcissistic relationship- and codependency patterns.

Learn about the “faun” and “fight” coping response and what to do to further the healing and integration of these survival styles

The art of grounding

A Self healing 101 workshop that let you experience the Art of grounding 

Understand the need for grounding as a preparation for shadow work

Experience and learn tools for grounding and regulation of your nervous system (polyvagal

theory, science of compassion, the power of oxytocin) 

Take the bliss home with your own set of exercises & meditation & tools