Coach for Conscious Living

» No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. « Albert Einstein

I combine the fields of science and spirituality in an innovative new form in order to facilitate the elevation of consciousness in every one of us. My mission is to support you in your journey to recover your unique strength and unleash your full potential.

Those skills are shared in form of practical techniques for the manifestation of a more beautiful life. "How about being able to reboot?" To have all systems checked and parameters optimally recalibrated?"

The Reset | Reboot-Experience I created is centered around body work, guided meditation, communication, sound ceremony and energetic wellness. Together with my clients I choose appropriate exercises and techniques intuitively and individually for each person. I consider my special gift to be able to facilitate people to create a better life for themselves.

I have lived in Asia, America and Australia for more than a decade. My life journey led me from master of communication via international business developer to the development of one’s inner self and the evolution of consciousness.

Vocational path:

  • Since 2016 Creation of the Reset | Reboot-Experience, training as a Somatic Sexologist
  • Since 2015 Creation of the Open | Wings Massage (incl. depth / fine tissue massage & energetic regeneration)
  • Since 2015 Chakras Energy Work, Reiki, Tantra & Conscious Sexuality Workshops
  • Since 2014 Guest scientist at the Institute for Applied Consciousness Research
  • Since 2013 Member of the Karmanoia Collective, Gatekeeper at the Peristal Singum
  • Since 2012 Coach with emphasis on awareness, communication and personality development
  • Since 2010 Expert for Audio-Visual-Mental-Systems (Germany, Japan, China)
  • Since 2004 Autodidactic research in the fields of consciousness research, quantum & meta physics, spirituality, shamanism, anthropological history & archaeology, philosophy ...
  • Since 2000 Traditional Indian Guju Massage - more than a decade in practice (4 years in India)
  • Since 2000 Diploma in communication with studies in Germany, USA and Australia - Self-employed in the field of 'International Business Development'


In my sessions, I accompany people on their journey to themselves. I also teach practical exercises that help to reduce stress and strain, overcome anxieties and lead to a more beautiful and happier life.

I am sharing my knowledge in such a way that lasting improvements can occur through practical and self-applicable methods at different levels (body, speech, movement, attitude, voice, sound, frequencies, etc.). Conscious bodywork helps to get away from the thinking mind back into a relaxed body, which is a prerequisite for a positive change. In this process I use appropriate techniques such as massage, guided body meditation, breathing, energy work, sound and other aids for consciously sensing one's own body.

I have noticed that blockages are only solved when both body and mind have reached real relaxation. As a result I have developed the Reset | Reboot-Experience.

The Reset | Reboot Experience is a journey through body, mind and soul. To solve mental and physical blockages.

Reset | Reboot-Experience

The Reset | Reboot-Experience is designed as a 4-6 hour recreational journey through your body, mind and soul. The goal is to reactivate yourself through intensive relaxation work and to take you back to your own strength.
The individually tailored concept includes different methods from the entire range of my experience with special focus on bodywork and massage:

- for example tea / cocoa ceremony, energetic re-sensibilisation, life counseling, bodywork with different massage forms, sound & frequencies, guided meditation with synchronized massage, respiratory exercises, chakra-alignment etc.

Duration 3-6 hours, from EUR 300.00

Reset | Reboot-Experience Workshop @ Agape Zoe - Berlin Festival 13

- A journey of self-discovery & conscious connection

How would your life change when you embody your self-love? Self-love is the so often proclaimed solution to everything. Well, how does it work?

Let’s go into intimate contact with our body, mind & soul through meditation and effective exercises. These provide tools for e.g. stress release and grounding. Featured elements from different disciplines of conscious living like Radical Honesty for authenticity, Wheel of Consent concept for healthy boundaries and the poly-vagale-based science of compassion help us understand conscious consent. Once we have become aware of our interaction with our outer world we will explore the depths of our inner world(s) through the super sensual touch. And integrate connected being.

Feel yourself. Know yourself. Diving deep.
Join in and get your practical life hacks for your 'self' | HumanKIND

Duration 2 hours (tickets @ from EUR 45.00)


The Wings|Reboot-Session consists of two different massage methods (Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Massage) and energetic bodywork. The combination of these techniques results in a soothing relaxation on several levels and functions as a powerful "recharge of batteries".

- Tea Ceremony
- Back massage to relax the back muscles and recalibrate your own energy balance (chakra-alignment)
- respiratory exercise and guided meditation

Duration from 1-2 hours (from EUR 90.00)


In my Reset|Consultation-Sessions I offer life and relationship coaching according to your individual themes and interests. As humans, we often carry blockages / filters / perspectives that prevent us from enjoying a fulfilling life. From my personal experience, blockages are easiest to solve through relaxation and awareness. I like to inspire by my whole being, knowledge and practical methods, as a special gift I see here my intuition for the roots of the problems as well as their individual solution.

Duration starting from half an hour (from EUR 40,00) - also possible by phone / Skype


Workshops for groups (in the context of events and festivals) or individually bookable (eg for couples and smaller groups). My workshops include knowledge transfer and practical exercises from various fields of knowledge, such as Polyvagal theory, wheel of conscience, non-violent communication, neuroscience, reframing, mindfulness training, radical honesty, sound therapy.

Workshops on the following topics can be booked:

- <!a href="/de#workshop-bewusste-sinnlichkeit">Conscious sensuality & the magic of breath (also bookable with cocoa ceremony)<!/a>
- Introduction to tantra and conscious sexuality
- Dearmouring and Somatic Sexology
- "Captain of my Ship", life navigation
- Chakras and the navigation of energies
- The art of loving and self-love
- Conscious communication and thought navigation
- Audiovisual Mentalsystems

Depending on the degree of sophistication -my workshops are designed to cover between 3 to 6 hours, as well as full weekends. They may take place in public or private environments and require prior consulting / booking.

Workshops for couples:
Workshops for couples "Conscious Sensuality" & "Introduction to Tantra and Conscious Sexuality", Berlin, 2-5 hours
From EUR 300,00

Individual workshops on request / booking of workshops and individual meetings:: Contact-Form.


  • » Bea: the change you wanna see! «
  • » I'm so -but so!- thankful life put you in my path! ... Every moment with you is special and full of space to grow. «
  • » When I first came to Bea I had strong pain in my knees and thought I would have to urgently see the doctor. Bea put my whole body together again. She has massaged blockages away and my feet have been cracked 20 times. She put back in place all the bones of my body with ease through the massage. It was fantastic and full of love and with resonance-music and I can say the blockages were not only physical but also mental by nature. She freed my head and breathed a new drive into my love life. All the other visits were also unique and always beneficial for my soul. I recommend to consult with 'heart aches', tensions, early signs of illnesses and before supposed medical visits Bea. Your hands and your magic can do more than just massaging. Thank you « (translation)
  • » Liebe Bea, may your light be with you and expand - Danke Dir vom Herzen «
  • » I feel so glücklich «
  • » Danke dankeschön for the experiences we shared and also for hugging my soul like you did. To meet you was a present of universe, thanks to Kairos =) «

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